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French Possession: News

One Last Look - June 20, 2019 the end is near ...

We've finally decided to release our difficult second album ... !!!

Taken from the lyric of the opening song 'You Never Write', we've chosen to call it, suitably, 'One Last Look'.

Steve has had a blast with French Possession in all of its guises and wishes to thank the people who have helped him produce this ... stuff:

Bruno Newman
Briony Ace
Bob 'The Kiddie' Burton
Stevie Williams

Jim Orwin
Sean Douglas
The girl in a posh frock

There won't be too many more posts here (unless this release performs unexpectedly) so keep smiling and, most importantly, have fun ... :) x



Making Waves by Steve and Therese - May 1, 2017

Please go to Music Section to listen to signature tune and other suggested pieces of music for the comedy drama, Making Waves. Please note, Therese and I fully understand that you may wish to use music of your own choice :)

Hi Mags - June 28, 2016

Hope you got back from the airport ok. Check out 'For Mags' in music section.

Hello - January 30, 2016

Brasserie Blanc, Beaconsfield is very alliterative, n'est pas?

New Section - January 24, 2016

Check out the new stuff in the music section, headed 'Songs that anyone can sing' :)

Hey ho - here we go again ... - April 17, 2014

Always the bridesmaid ... happened last year with Avenue of dreams:

Bad Jenga - June 16, 2013

No longer 'A series of disappointments', album 2 is now titled 'Bad Jenga' and will be released hopefully this year. Tracklisting:

1 You never write
2 Love will be involved
3 Avenue of dreams
4 Buckingham Palace Road
5 Ten Years
6 Archie saves the world
7 I start again
8 Ginny
9 The Courtneys of Ballantry
10 Independence Day
11 Nothing else applies
12 Life stories

We will shortly add all of the tracks in the Music section (some are already there). Track 2 above ... well ... let's say nothing for the moment.

As you were ... - November 8, 2012

It's been hectic and the studio trip to record the last song for 'A series of disappointments' keeps getting pushed back. New songs are still being written -'Now will you be told' has overtaken 'I know you'll be there' to vie for track 12. However, overtaking both of them in the final furlong is the old favourite, 'Buckingham Palace Road'. Steve is determined to record it before Christmas. Maybe ...

Yet another final track to new album ... - August 6, 2012

Steve apologises, but it's getting so hard to get everyone available at the same time as Resident have a vacant couple of days, that he keeps writing new songs before we get time to record the old ones. As a result, 'Buckingham Palace Road' will feature on the third album - still expected to be named 'Amber Green'. The final, final track on the second album. 'A series of disappointments', will now be 'I know you'll be there'. Steve has often threatened to come up with the standard pop classic theme of somebody being prepared to do anything to protect somebody else - think 'Stand by me', '(Reach out) I'll be there', 'You've got a friend', 'Fix you', 'Bridge over troubled water' .... you get the drift. Well, he's done it and we're hopeful that it will go down as well as those mentioned (dreams ...) Once again, as with 'Deal with me', it contains a change of time signature, but it really is good enough to fight our way through it. Steve's also quite pleased that he's managed to rhyme 'bite off' with 'write off' fo the first time in a lyric. We really need Bruno to sort out some studio time soon so we can record it. Watch this space - this one's good ...

Buckingham Palace Road - February 20, 2012

The final track of French Possession's 'long awaited' second album is Buckingham Palace Road and will be recorded at Resident in March. For non-Londoners, it's a road that leads to Victoria Railway Station from just north of Chelsea Bridge. At some point beyond the station is a big house where ceremonial activities take place on a regular basis. However, it is a two way street and it's not entirely clear whether our protagonist is heading for the station ... or the river.

We nearly did it again ... - February 20, 2012

French Possession came runner up in the Song of the Year contest with Avenue of dreams. One day life will stop being as it seems ...

Yet another change of plan - September 22, 2011

Although we've had good feedback on 'Avenue of dreams', We have decided that the next single will be 'Deal with me'. Initial plans to record this have been affected by the realisation tht it changes time signatures half way through. Until we work out whether we're clever enough to play it, immediate recording plans have been suspended.

Life, huh?

Avenue of Dreams - August 17, 2010

FP's next single, 'Avenue of dreams', is now available in the 'Music' section.

A series of disappointments - June 19, 2010

The new FP album has a new title. 'A series of disappointments' will be released towards the end of 2010 and will be preceded by a single, 'Avenue of dreams'. Hopefully this will also be accompanied by a video. Watch this space!

Archie is out - December 23, 2009

Archie saves the world / Swallowed up whole will be officially released in January 2010. The plan, if money allows, will be to record the following tracks as early in the year as possible:

Deal with me
You never write
Forgetting to breathe

These tracks would all be considered for release as singles on the 'Forgetting to breathe' album, which hopefully will be released in the first half of 2010. The likely first single would be a double A side - Forgetting to breathe / You never write - which would unquestionably be FP's most significant release to date.

Ten years - August 25, 2009

It's all change again. Steve and the Kiddie have co-written a very catchy tune, titled as above, which will be recorded in September. If this proves to be as good as we think it will be, it will be released in mid-October as FP's third single and Archie will become the title track of our second album. Tracklist for 'Archie saves the world':

1) Archie saves the world; 2) Ten years; 3) Dedication; 4) The Courtneys of Ballantry; 5) Swallowed up whole; 6) Where were you Sunday?; 7) Ginny; 8) You never write; 9) Something new; 10) Deal with me; 11) Nothing else applies 12) Waves

Keep in touch - we're getting there but ... things change. Experience can taint your point of view ;)

Listen to Archie - May 18, 2009

Please visit the "Music" section to hear "Archie saves the world" and B side, "Swallowed up whole". Archie will be released on July 27 2009. We have high hopes (as always!)

Archie saves the world - April 6, 2009

It's been a while ...

Just to let you know where we are, we have postponed further work on the album, due to various logistical problems, plus the odd financial constraint ... or two.

However, we will record and release a new single in time for summer. Unsurprisingly, it's entitled 'Archie saves the world' and we think it just might be the one. If it flies, the album will surely follow.

And on that album, Steve Jones's masterpiece, written earlier this year and, for sure, the follow up single: 'Deal with me'.

With other major songs, including 'Swallowed up whole', 'Dedication' and 'What we do', this will undoubtedly be FP's finest hour ... but it all depends on Archie ... and where he sleeps tonight ... trust me, this will make sense eventually ... :)

Getting Closer ... - December 17, 2008

French Possession are meeting up at their old haunt - Resident Studios - to do some further work on 2 key tracks from their forthcoming album, "Forgetting to breathe". The session is booked for Jan 3rd/4th.

The tracks - "Dedication" and opening track, "In your car" could well be released as a double A-side pretty soon, if the session goes well. Steve, Bruno and Briony will be working hard on some fairly complicated vocal stuff for "Dedication".

Here's a song to thank you for the memories ... :)

Christmas cheese for sale! - December 10, 2008

"What does Christmas do?" is out now!!!

Click on "Buy" to download from iTunes, HMV or 7Digital ... or buy the CD from CD Baby.

What does Christmas do? - November 4, 2008

Yes ... it's very soon going to be 'that time' again. Unsurprisingly, our cult festive hit of last year is to be re-released ('cult' = not enough people bought it ...)

Amazingly, it's still tops the Playlist Charts at Matchbox Recordings, having dropped to the ignominious position of No 2 for a short while during the year. Mr Olivier - owner of said company and a very fine fellow indeed - has promised to make it available for download via HMV, Woolworth's and all sorts of interesting places, so anything's possible ... ;-)

Release date is set for December 1st, so if you're not left feeling blue and don't have better things to do, maybe it's a date your looking forward to (Ed - an unfunny series of references to lines in the chorus of aforementioned song ... sorry).

Courtneys wins prize! - October 15, 2008

The Courtneys of Ballantry has won third prize in the FlightSafe Music QuickLaunch Song Contest !!!!

FlightSafe Music is a California-based Music Publisher, specialising in music for film and television. Besides a bit of dosh and some other prizes, we will feature on their website from November 15, with a link to our music. Great News !!!!

Forgetting to breathe - October 15, 2008

Our new album has received a name change. Amber Green will now be our third album. Our second release will be Forgetting to breathe. The final tracklisting is:

1. In your car
2. Swallowed up whole
3. Dedication
4. What we do
5. By the way
6. Diva
7. The Courtneys of Ballantry
8. Living again
9. Ginny
10. With every move you make
11. Nothing else applies
12. Waves

It will be released by Matchbox Recordings in March 2009

Amber Green - Tracklist changes - April 28, 2008

Sorry about this but artistc temprement and recording delays, along with new, improved tunes being written on a more or less daily basis, means that the 'Amber Green' tracklist hasn't quite been bedded down. So far, we have lost 'Two days before Wednesday', 'Something new' and 'What girl' - all good songs (check 'SN' out on the site) - but now not good enough for what is turning out to be a potentially classic album. Latest list:

Amber Green

Living again

Swallowed up whole

Dedication (juwanna dance?)

By the way


The Courtneys of Ballantry

With every move you make

That song

Controlled emotion (Featuring Briony Ace)

Nothing else applies


The opening single has yet to be decided, though is definiteley between 2 tracks. The most likely is 'Dedication (Juwanna dance?)', purely and simply because it's an obvious single. However, 'By the way' is a perfectly constructed, country-folk masterpiece and may well be selected purely on its class. We hope to preview demo versions of 3 tunes here by the end of June - the 2 already mentioned plus 'Swallowed up whole'. Then we may seek feedback. Keep smiling!

AMBER GREEN IS COMING !!!! - March 31, 2008

Well the kids are all fed and the plates are all clean
There's a hole in his head but he's not what he's been
Was it something he said; was it something obscene?
Why do the lights stay red on Amber Green?

A new album will be released in August 2008. A single - consisting of Steve Jones's best song to date, "Swallowed up whole" and his most commercial, "Dedication (juwanna dance)" - will be released a couple of weeks earlier.

This is very, very exciting stuff. Produced by Stevie "fancy a cappuccino?" Williams and featuring 2 lead vocals from Briony Ace, it begins and ends with songs of epic proportions and is filled throughout the middle with FP at their very best. Watch out for Briony's "Controlled emotion"; the 3 minute pop masterpiece "That song"; the Beatle-esque "With every move you make"; the title track, as lyrically complex as Steve has ever been and, hopefully if the recording goes well, the pièce de résistance - the album closer - "Takeaway".

Stay tuned here and we'll preview the tracks when they're nearly ready. Oops, nearly forgot to mention the saddest song on the album ..."What girl?" There really is too much to look forward to here ...
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