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One Last Look - June 20, 2019 the end is near ...

We've finally decided to release our difficult second album ... !!!

Taken from the lyric of the opening song 'You Never Write', we've chosen to call it, suitably, 'One Last Look'.

Steve has had a blast with French Possession in all of its guises and wishes to thank the people who have helped him produce this ... stuff:

Bruno Newman
Briony Ace
Bob 'The Kiddie' Burton
Stevie Williams

Jim Orwin
Sean Douglas
The girl in a posh frock

There won't be too many more posts here (unless this release performs unexpectedly) so keep smiling and, most importantly, have fun ... :) x



Making Waves by Steve and Therese - May 1, 2017

Please go to Music Section to listen to signature tune and other suggested pieces of music for the comedy drama, Making Waves. Please note, Therese and I fully understand that you may wish to use music of your own choice :)

Hi Mags - June 28, 2016

Hope you got back from the airport ok. Check out 'For Mags' in music section.
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